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Jim Austerman has been a musician for more than 45 years. He is an accomplished keyboard, piano, accordion, and concertina player. With his electronic keyboards, he is a one-man-band. Jim composes several genres of instrumental music which include polka, waltz, easy listening, European & Russian styles, Polyphon, and music box melodies.

Jim studied under Myron Floren, of the Lawrence Welk Show, and Larry Malmberg, the original accordionist for the Whoopie John Band. From 1974 to 1981 Jim was a session keyboard player for RCA, Decca, and Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA. He is a member of ASCAP as a composer and songwriter and has been featured in Music & Dance News. His music is aired on many radio stations across the United States, as well as other countries; with several CDs on the market. Jim performs at many fairs, festivals, and other events.

Jim's life hasn't always been rosy. Raised by an abusive mother in the 1950s and early 60s, Jim wanted to believe there was a God. He had to exist; Jim needed His help. As a little boy, he found God in the sparkles of the sidewalks in Southern California. He thought the sparkles must be God because of how brightly they shined in the sunlight at day and the streetlights at night. He talked to God as he walked and asked Him to stop the abuse. He didn't. Jim left home at age fifteen. Because of the torturous mental and physical abuse, he suffered many issues. He couldn't hold down a job, failed in relationships, and was considered dysfunctional according to society. The only thing he could do well was play music.

Jim was always searching for God and couldn't find Him. He was a church-hopper. He had gone to almost every denominational and non-denominational church, as well as other religious places of worship. Most didn't accept him; some he left because he couldn't live up to their rules.

At age thirty-eight Jim found a good wife. Together they went church-hopping, but most of the time they didn't go to church. They strongly believed in God and read from the Bible. At age sixty-one Jim had a heart attack. On the operating table he went into cardiac arrest. CPR was performed three times before he was put on full life-support. The doctors were unable to stabilize him. What he experienced the next twelve days was more than he could comprehend—a journey to Heaven. During his brief stay in Heaven, he came to understand: who he is, who God is, and what Heaven is about.

Jim is available to speak about his experience at your next event. Take advantage of this great opportunity! Email with full details and we'll work something out.



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