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Q: Why did you write a shorter book when it could have been longer by including more about your experience in Heaven or your life?
A: I chose to only write about my experience in Heaven for those who may not have time to read a full-length book and still get to see the picture of Heaven. Yes, I did leave out parts from my experience in Heaven because I felt they were only pertinent to me and would bore the reader. Before I went to Heaven, I was a very prejudice person. While in Heaven, I spent a lot of time with various ethnic groups. I basically learned that they were no different than myself—a lesson I needed to learn. Also, I didn't include much about my life because I've been writing my memoirs for the past ten years and will publish that in a separate book one day. My childhood was more than abusive—it was torturous. My mother called me a hateful thing everyday. Thus the name of my book is Hateful Thing. It's taken me this long because it's hard to relive the torment, which I have to do in order to write the book. Now I have a different outlook on life and will be able to complete my writing without the torment overcoming me.

Q: I have always been taught that there are no families or marriage in Heaven because that's what the Bible teaches. Can you explain why you refer to families and marriage in your book?
A: I was taught the same thing in several churches I attended as well. I am not a Bible scholar and don't know how to explain it. There are several scholarly websites that may explain it. Here is just one: What the Bible Says. I only wrote what I saw and heard while in Heaven.

Q: Your book seems to have a lot of similarities with other books written on experiences in Heaven. How much influence did these books have on your experience.
A: Well, since I've never read anyone else's books about their experiences, I have to say I wasn't influenced by them at all. In fact, when I started telling people about my experience many asked if I read this book or that book. I told them I purposefully wouldn't read anyone's account until I finished mine because I didn't want to be influenced. I have yet to read one.

Q: It seems a lot of books about Heaven are popping up lately. Aren't you just jumping on the bandwagon trying to get a piece of the pie?
A: Actually, I don't need a piece of the pie. The Lord has always taken care of me and my family. We don't need much and don't ask for much. I wrote my book because my last day in Heaven, the Lord asked me to do three things. One was to write about my experience. The other two were to write music about my experience and tell everyone—which I've done. Writing about it was the last thing I needed to do. Now I have fulfilled the Lord's request.




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