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"Heaven. It's there. It's real. It's the same as on earth, but different."

These are some of the first words this middle-aged man slowly whispered after coming out of a twelve day coma following cardiac arrest and triple-by-pass surgery.

You may have read Proof of Heaven, Heaven is for Real, To Heaven and Back and saw a glimpse of Heaven. Imagine There's a Heaven is more than just a glimpse. It's an abstract, personal account of a non-churchgoing man who journeyed to Heaven—no filler, no fluff—making it a shorter read. Jim is a self-published author who documented his journey of what he saw, heard, felt, and did in the vast dimension of Heaven.


Excerpt from the book:
As my spirit lingered in the casket, I came to realize, I was not who I thought I was. I was not my body. My spirit was conscious—aware of the events taking place. I realized I was my spirit. As I gazed at myself lying there, I knew that my body was dead—a most peculiar discernment. Suddenly, I felt movement and quickly hovered near my body. The casket was set in motion as I watched flashes of white light speed by. It was like traveling at the speed of light, but strangely, somehow, it felt as if it wasn't moving at all. Almost as swiftly as it began, the movement stopped. My spirit continued hovering over my body, as if it were protecting me—watching—waiting to see what would happen next. No sound was heard—nothing but silence.

Words from the Author:
At age sixty-one I had a heart attack. On the operating table I went into cardiac arrest. CPR was performed three times before I was put on full life-support. The doctors were unable to stabilize me. What I experienced the next twelve days was more than I could comprehend—a journey to Heaven. I could feel the life in the grass as I stood on the ground. Beauty was everywhere. I saw countless people going about their business. I went on many walks with the Lord and He showed me things I'd never seen. I experienced the perfection of Heaven where everything ran like clockwork. During my brief stay in Heaven, I came to understand who I am, who God is, and what Heaven is about.

During and after recovery I wrote down all my memories of Heaven. I'm not a Pulitzer Prize writer by any stretch of the means, but I've tried my best to take you through my journey. I hope you find some inspiration in this book and find God, as I did.

Jim is available to speak about his experience at your next event. Take advantage of this great opportunity! Email with full details and we'll work something out.


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